Thursday, June 27, 2013

Saying Goodbye...  June 19, 2013

After Rachel's setting apart
Saying goodbye to Emily and Jessie before they left for girl's camp

At the airport

Peru...Here I come!

Some pictures from the Farewell- June 16, 2013













Week 2: June 27, 2013
Hola Familia!!!


Did you not get my email last Thursday?! I am so sorry!! For some reason it didn't send. I will copy and paste that email into this one so you can at least see what I wrote.


I HAVE SO MUCH TO TELL YOU ABOUT but not enough time so I will just type as fast as I can and hope it makes sense!


The CCM is wonderful!! It is very beautiful here. Presidente Cardon's wife calls it ´´Peru's own Garden of Eden´´The weather is suprisingly kind of cold. Its in the 60's but because of the humidity it feels colder. The humidity is super weird. It doesn't rain here, but the humidity is so thick? that sometimes it feels like your walking through suspended rain drops. Also all of my papers feel soggy all of the time, and there is a very damp feeling to everything. On the plus side, my hands have never felt softer! 

My district is super awesome!!! I love them a lot. There is my companion Hermana Hulse (who is from Montana originally from Oregon she also went to BYUI!!) Then there is Hna. Imbler, Hna. Whatcott, Hna. Haws, Hna. Shroader, Hna. Santos, Hna. Goulding, Hna. Sales, Elder Harwood, and Elder Johnston. All of the sisters are going to Lima Norte, and all the Elders are going to Cochabamba Bolivia. My district is hilarious. We are constantly laughing and having fun together. But don´t worry, we also study and work hard too :)

There are so many sisters here! We have the biggest group of sisters that the CCM has ever seen! We have around 70 Hermanas, and 30 to 40 Elders. Probably three fourths of us are Norteamericanos and a fourth are Latinos. The Latinos are sooo funny! I absolutely love talking to them. They also kick our trash at futbol so we`ve learned to not even try playing against them :) But! We are at about the same level when it comes to around the world ping pong, which is super fun to play, especially with the Latino Elders. :)

The language is coming along really well! It's kind of cool actually, ever since I´ve been here I've been able to remember all the spanish classes I've taken and specific things I've learned, that I'd forgotten about before. It´s crazy how fast I've able to pick up on Spanish gospel words too. I haven´t had an trouble understanding what every one is saying, the trouble comes when I try and talk back to them :) But actually I'm surprised at how well I've been able to communicate! Today while we were at the temple I talked to two girls from Arequipa and our conversation was completely in Spanish with out any trouble. I'm also saying my prayers completely in Spanish (except for when I forget and accidentally say them in English) and I can bear my testimony in Spanish as well! The don de lenguas is real!! (gift of tongues)

Speaking of the temple...We got to go to the Lima Temple today!!!!!!!!!! It was such an incredible experience! The temple is very very small, it doesn´t have an upstairs or downstairs and the endowment room can only hold 25 people, but it is SO beautiful! It was a little bit surreal pulling up in front of the temple and seeing it for the first time, because I had had the picture of it as the background on my computer ever since I got my call, and then all of a sudden, there it was in front of me!! :) It was such a crazy feeling. We then got to walk around Lima for a little while and go shopping and then flag down a bus to get us back to the CCM. It was so cool to finally be IN peru! Being inside the walls of the CCM all the time is so different from being out in the ''real'' world. Today made me so excited to actually be out in the field and living in Peru.

Oh!! I can´t forget to tell you about the food. The food is super delicious, it`s basically like eating at La Carreta every day. I have eaten rice twice a day, every day since I`ve been here. They also give us a big chunk of meat with every meal and I`ve had to start asking for no meat, cause my body isn´t handling the food super well. :) 


I`m glad that you guys watched the missionary broadcast on Sunday! Wasn´t it incredible? EVERY member a missionary!! We all cheered when they showed the stake from Peru :) Another cool moment on Sunday was when all of us new norteamericanos were able to watch the Joseph Smith: Prophet of the Restoration movie together. There was literally not a dry eye in the room, especially when the final words, ``shall we not go on in so great a cause?'' came across the screen. It was a really spiritual moment, and it was cool to share it with a bunch of missionaries :)


I really really love it here! I had a bit of a rough time the first few days, but it gets better and better every single day. Every one always says, ``just make it to Sunday`` but for me, I needed to make it to Tuesday I guess :) On Tuesday I was able to have a really spiritual experience that has helped me SO much, it was something I needed, and Heavenly Father knew that. Ever since that experience I have been doing so much better, and improving every day!


I wish I had more time, and I am going to try sending pictures (it might not work, not very many people have been able to send pictures yet) so I guess thats all I have time for, but I'll leave you with a funny ''language mess up'' that happened in our district this week. One Hna. was trying to say, ''tengo hambre'' (I am hungry) but accidentally said, ''tengo hOmbre'' (I have a man) We all thought it was pretty funny :)


Thank you for all the emails that I received! I wish I had time to respond to them all! I`m glad girls camp was good! What time is Abby`s baptism next week? Also, Abby good job with swimming! That´s way cool you were able to stay afloat for so long! Also, Kylee, do you remember a Hannah Christensen from Timpanogos? She is your age and is one of my roommates here, she is going to Ecuador. Her companion is going to Bolivia and my other roommates are my companion and Hna Imbler and Hna Whatcott.


Ah! I have to go!


I love you all!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Hermana Shelton

Week 1: June 20, 2013

Hola mi familia!

Well, I made it to Peru! It took a looooooooong time, but I made it. We didn´t have any troubles with our flight to LA, but when we got there we found out that we couldn't check in for our next flight until 10 AM (it was only 7 california time) so we got to stand around at the airport and talk for awhile. We then sat in the airport lounge until we could board our flight at 12:40 pm. All the missionaries were arriving from different airports and it was so cool to have such a big group of us! There were about 35 missionaries on our flight from LA to Lima. The flight was pretty uneventful, but I got to sit next to a guy from Brazil who could only speak a little English, so we were able to carry on a conversation in Spanish! He told me that one of his goals in life was to see the Christmas program that is put on by the Mormon Tabernacle Choir and Orchestra. He had a lot of questions about the ''Mormons'' so it was cool to talk to him! Luckily I was able to sleep for most of the flight, but it wasn't a very restful sleep :)

We flew in to Lima around 12:30 PM but because of some issues that came up in immigration and some missionaries who had lost their baggage, and one Elder even missed his flight, (so he came in on the next one) we didn't leave the airport until after two! It was about an hour bus ride to the MTC and we finally rolled in at 3:30. It was cool to drive through Lima! We weren't able to see much, but we did see a whole bunch of lit up casinos! :)

My companion's name is Sister Hulse and she is from Montana, and went to school up at BYU Idaho! She is going to my same mission. There are about 10 sisters going to Lima North. Some missionaries are going to other missions in Peru, some are going to Ecuador and there is a big group going to Cochabamba Bolivia! Another funny thing, the majority of us are sisters! The workers here at the MTC keep tallking about how they cant believe how many sisters there are. I think we had 10 elders and about 25 sisters on our flight, and when we got here we found even more sisters from other flights! I'm not sure the total number. That is only for the North Americans though. There are some natives that came in yesterday as well. We are the ''Norteamericanos'' :)

I'm sorry I don't have time to respond to both emails, the little countdown is telling me I only have 8 minutes left before it kicks me off. Thank you for the pictures and emails though! They made me cry :) I will have to tell you more on P day, which I think is going to be on Thursdays for me.

Also, I'm sorry if there are any typos or weird punctuation, I'm in a rush and the keyboard is way different than the one I'm used to!

I love you all so much!!!!!!

Hermana Shelton

P.S. I don't have my camera with me so I will send pictures next week.