Monday, April 14, 2014

Happy anniversary Mom and Dad!

Hey ya´ll!

I was thinking about you today, and that it was your anniversary. Happy 22 years!

This week has been super crazy, as is the mission. Big news! Our ward this last week received 2 new missionaries. I am now serving in a ward that has 6 missionaries! 4 Hermanas and 2 elders. It’s been a little bit hectic rearranging the boundaries of our areas, getting all the lunches figured out (since we eat lunch with the members every day they now have to feed 6 hungry missionaries instead of just 4!) moving the hermanas into their new apartment, and moving the elders into the old one. But I think it is going to be really good for our ward. Our areas are now smaller (which is so great-we can walk to all of our area now instead of taking the bus 50 times a day) And we are going to be able to focus even more on helping the less actives in the ward, and helping the ward meet their goal of dividing into 2 different wards this year. All the moms who have sons out serving missions are really excited to have elders in the ward as well :) It’s been crazy, but super fun. Our ward is our own district now, and everyone is joking that eventually we are going to be ´´zona begonias´´ haha.

We are also doing an activity with the zone that will last several weeks. Two times a week we all get together to work for two hours in one area. It’s called a blitz and its awesome! We are going to work for two hours in each area of the zone and I am excited for when they all come to our area :) Basically what we do is we get together, go on exchanges to get the chance to work with a different companion, and then we just go and contact as many people as we can in the area. If we can we teach lessons as well and then  we all get back together and the missionaries of that area have like, 40 references to visit! It is a great way to find new investigators and to get the work moving forward in an area. It’s also always really fun to get together as a zone :)

Speaking of the earthquake in Chile, we didn´t really feel it. Some people said they felt a little bit of trembling, but not much. But it definitely freaked everybody out here. There has been a lot of talk about ´´the big earthquake´´ that is expected to hit Peru but no one really knows. I´m not worried :)

I love that picture of you dad, with grandma and all your siblings. Tell grandma I am thinking about her! I also loved that story from Elder Talmage. It’s so true. 
Part of being a member and missionary is just living in such a way that those around you want to be a part of what we have. Showing the happiness and being an example is the best way we have to share the gospel.
Jess, thank you for sharing your story as well. Way to be an example of doing what is right, even when it may be a little uncomfortable, and for choosing to be with friends that lift you up. It’s all worth it!

Well, we have to go. I am thinking about you all and hope you have a wonderful Easter! Also, I can´t wait for mother’s day, when we get to talk on Skype! Love ya´ll!

Hermana Shelton

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