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Happy two months to me!

                                                                                                         Aug. 19, 2013



Kylee! I am so excited to hear about your mission papers!! I can´t wait to hear where you’re going! Even though I won’t be able to read the email until Monday, write me an email as soon as you get your call, yeah? How are you feeling? :)


Guess what today is! My two month mark on my mission! Hna. Schroader and I are pretty excited. Especially because it’s a P day and we can ¨celebrate¨ a little. :) We are going over to a member’s house later today and they are going to make us brownies.


Wow. So much has happened this past week I don´t even know where to begin! We have had some really high highs, and some lows, but all is well.

L. is getting baptized this Saturday at 8:00 PM and we are so excited for her. She is incredible! She really wants to go on a mission, and last night we went on splits and she came with me and we contacted on the streets for an hour or two. It was a really good experience. I am pretty sure she knows more than I do! She is really excited to go to institute this week because a general authority (I think its Elder Cook) is coming. Also, another General Authority is coming this weekend and we will have a Mission Conference with the North and West missions on Saturday with him. And guess which zone out of all the zones in both missions got picked to do the musical number? Yup! Zona Independencia! We are singing ¨Dear to the Heart of the Shepherd¨ and I will be playing the piano. :P Only a little intimidating, right?

But no. I´m really excited. We also have a big wedding ceremony on Friday at the mission offices for all the couples who need to get married before they can get baptized. Here in Peru 95% of the people we teach aren´t married, they just live together because it is so expensive to actually have a wedding, and they don´t receive the same type of benefits we do in the states. Entonces, not only is our focus in the mission Baptizing Families, our focus is Marrying, then Baptizing families. I really love that families are our focus. The mission standard is 8 4 2. 8 investigators progressing each month, 4 baptisms, and 2 families per companionship, per month. We won’t be able to reach that this month, but it’s our goal for September :)

We also were able to commit another investigator to baptism, G., and he is really awesome as well. We first met him while contacting on the street and then we went back to visit him he was sick in bed so we weren’t able to have a lesson, but we did say a prayer with him that he would be feeling better so he could hear our message, and the next day we went back and he was up and moving and excited to talk to us! And last night he came to a Noche De Hogar (family home evening) in a members home and we watched the movie ¨On the way Home¨ and talked about eternal families and it was a really beautiful experience because he is a widower and has been alone for a while. I´m really excited for him :)

Unfortunately a couple that we were hoping would be baptized this upcoming Saturday as well (The wife had committed to Saturday but not her husband) have decided they can’t commit yet. They want to wait until September. We´re still holding out for a miracle, but we´ll see. They´ve been going to church for almost 5 years and their entire family are members, and they have testimonies, so we don´t know what’s holding them back. Like I said, We´re hoping for a miracle!

Unfortunately as well a family that we had been teaching who were wanting to get married so they could be baptized, talked to a different Pastor and have decided to get baptized in a different church. That was kind of a stab to the heart, but oh well. Everyone has agency! We haven´t quite given up but we´ll see what happens.

New experiences for the week: We walked into a home to teach a teenage girl and her little brother started screaming and yelling at us to ¨get out! I don´t want you here!¨ and we were called several mean words that I didn´t understand till after when Hna. Mamani explained them to me. We were only there for about two minutes when the mom told us we had to leave because we were scaring her son. So that was fun.

Also, we are in the market for a new apartment because ours is super old and has some problems. Also our landlord didn´t pay our water bill so we went without water for 3 days which was an experience I´d rather not repeat, but all is well! Hna. Schroader and I brushed our teeth with water bottles outside our two story window and had a lot of fun spitting out the window. We were feeling a little crazy that night and figured out a way to make going without water more fun. We had a good time and took pictures, maybe I´ll send them :)

So a lot of ups and downs this week, but that’s how mission life goes. I am loving being a missionary, and the Church is true, and that’s all that matters!

I hope all is well at home. Good luck with school starting everybody! That’s really cool that Elder Terry was there for stake conference, it sounds like an awesome experience! Also, thank you Mom and Dad both for sharing your experiences in the temple. I love the temple and love hearing about your experiences there!

P days are all day Monday until six o clock PM, which is when we start working again. We always have internet at ten in the morning and then we go and do something with our zone. Last week we went to central Lima to a Natural History museum which was really fun! We usually get about an hour on the computers, but we also have to write to our Mission President so it’s only about 45 minutes to read and write emails. I haven´t got any letters from the pouch yet, but I´m hoping they get here soon! :)

And, first initials for just the investigators. Thanks Mom!


Yo se con todo mi corazon que este Iglesia es verdadero.


I love you all! Have a wonderful week!


Hermana Shelton


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