Monday, January 27, 2014

Feliz Cumpleanos ...a mi!

                                                                                                                            January 27, 2014

Hellooooooooooooo Everybody!!

It is a bright, sunny, super hot day in Lima Peru which is super weird cause normally on my birthday there is snow! But hey. Thats ok! I guess since today is the 27th that means I´m 21 years old....weird. I can´t believe how fast the time is going!!

I am just super lucky that my one birthday as a missionary happens to fall on a P day because my companion and I received special permission to go to Indepenedencia for the day! My pensionista and her family and a bunch of my dearerst friends from my old ward are all going to be there. I am really excited to see everybody :) Some of the elders here have been talking about some crazy tradition where they crack an egg on the head of the birthday girl and then throw flour at you.... I am really hoping that is a joke but I guess we´ll find out!

Answers to questions..No, I haven´t received my package yet, but that doesn´t mean that the office hasn´t received it. Right now I am about as far away from the offices as I can get so it might take while to get it from there. I still haven´t gotten the package from Jeff either. I am almost out of contact solution so I hope one of them gets here soon! :)
My area is good! Yes, it is much flatter than my old area and in some areas there is a lot of traffic, but others no. The church is pretty big here! We have the institute building right next to our chapel which is super nice because we have been able to teach a couple lessons there. The institute building is my favorite place in our area :) 
My companion is pure Peruvian! All the way down to thinking that buying fried chicken feet from vendors off the street is her idea of a delicious dinner. At first I told her NO WAY that I was going to even try that, but then I said, YOLIPAAMO (You only live in peru as a missionary once) and took a little bite next to the claw. It wasn´t awful,but I think I´ll buy my dinner somewhere else, thank you very much. This week I also tried anticucho for the first time! anticucho is barbequed cow heart and it is actually pretty good! 
But my companion is super great and I love her a whole lot. Fried chicken feet and all :)
I am still having episodes with my heart every once in a while, but I´m doing pretty good health wise. Yes, I am eating :)

Tell everybody THANK YOU for the birthday wishes, especially Sis Mcbride. Thank you!! :)

Funny coincidence, turns out one of Sarah and Holly’s really good friends is in my zone! I found out about Sarah’s call last week from him when we made the connection that he knew them. Elder Aoki. We took a picture together and I think he sent it them. It’s crazy how small the Mormon world is!

Shoot. We have to go. There is never enough time to tell you everything I want to tell you! But before I forget, way to go Jess! I am excited for you for your first date! 

Love you all!!!! 

Hna Shelton

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