Monday, February 3, 2014

I can't think of a clever subject line...

Happy February! and....Happy Birthday once again Jess!! I can`t believe how old you are. Hey dad, do you have your shot gun out and cleaned? :)

So while ya`ll are celebratin groundhog day and the super bowl, February in Peru means CARNIVAL. or, the month where it is socially acceptable to dump and throw water at everybody in the streets. Oh yay. :P haha, luckily my companion and I have survived unscathed so far, but we shall see. 

What is new, what is new. A ver... OH! I got my package last week!! Thank you so much! The offices received it before my birthday but it finally got to me on the 29th :) My companion tried the beef jerky and hasn`t stopped talking about it since haha, she said she would be the happiest person ever if you would send her a package of only beef jerky :) Also, we ate all the starbursts in day. haha :)
Pictures on facebook? I want to see these. If you can can you send them to me? 
My birthday last week in Independencia was so great! I loved it. I got to see Hna Shriver and Hna Espinoza and all my friends from there and we had a lot of fun :) I miss Independencia but my new area and zone are awesome and I love it a lot here as well! 
The investigators that we have right now that are progressing are C, and her daughter S.. They`ve come to church three times, the only thing that is making it difficult right now is her job. She is super busy so it makes it difficult to meet with her during the week, but she is awesome. She met with the missionaries before but didn`t feel like she could change, but she came to church on her own and found us and told us that this time she was ready. :) She is super sweet and I am excited for her.
I am just blanking out on this week! It was a normal week as things go. I am still getting used to how big my area is! It makes it a bit difficult when one of our appointments is 20 to 30 minutes walking distance from the other and we don`t have a lot of money to take the bus or moto taxis but, all is well. New area, new challenges, different blessings :)

Well, maybe next week I will have more to tell you! Have a wonderful week everybody, and enjoy the snow for me. I miss it :( I`ll have to take a picture of some of the sweet tan lines I have from the sun here. They are pretty drastic. 

Love you all! Every night to finish my prayer I ask Heavenly Father to let ya`ll know I love you. I hope you`ve felt it, cause I`m sendin lots of it!

Que tenga un muy buen semana!

Hermana Shelton

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