Monday, February 24, 2014

Cambios, again.

                                                February 24, 2014

Well, a whole other six weeks have rolled around! I can´t even believe
how fast time goes sometimes. I feel like we just had transfers, but
here they are again. There is a good possibility that my companion
will be transferred because she has been here for her whole mission
(she is in the same group as my last companion Hna Espinoza) and so
it’s possible she´s leaving, but! we have hope that we will have one
transfer more together :) (Mom: her name is Lizbeth Apaza if you want
to send it directly to her, or you can send it to me and I can pass it
on :) If you send her the package of beef jerky I am pretty sure you
will have a new best friend for life mom :) hahaha. Also, Mom, did
someone named Rochi Perez (or Rosario-not sure what her name is on
facebook) add you as a friend? She has an album of pictures of Hna
Olachaea that have pictures of me as well. Hna Olachaea is one of the
other missionaries in my ward (we have 2 companionships of sisters)
and Hna Rochi is her pensionista. Also, if you can talk to her, mom,
there is a lady that comes back and forth from the states every
several weeks and brings packages from us to you, and from you to us
for missionaries. Its less expensive and a more sure way of getting
the package, and she brings them to Hna Rochi who is in my ward which
makes it even easier! You can talk to her about it for the details. It
will give you a chance to brush up on your Spanish ;)
The medicine I am taking is called...Inderal? I am pretty sure that is
the name. They are little pink pills and I take one every day in the
morning. I went and saw the mission doctor this last time and guess
what! We have a new mission doctor and his wife has almost the exact
same problem I do! She has been taking this medication for almost 30
years and says it helps her a ton. So that was a comfort to me and I
was able to talk to her. I haven´t had another episode like the one I
described last week, but I have had a couple smaller ones. Mostly I
just feel exhausted all the time (we´ve had to rest a little more than
usual) but I am feeling better than last week and I hope these little
pink pills will do their job!

I love that poem, Highs and Lows. Thanks for sharing it Mom! My first
companion Hna Schroader shared it with me in my first transfer (when I
was struggling just like Kylee described-don´t worry Ky! It’s normal!)
And it helped me a ton, and it was exactly what I needed to read again
today Mom, so thank you. Also, Dad, thank you for those quotes! They
were exactly what I needed to read today as well. I´m gonna print off
both of your emails so I can read them again throughout the week.
Thank you for being such awesome parents :)

This week has been good! We taught 28 lessons, woo hoo! And we
received a reference from the Elders for a single mom and her daughter
that we are now teaching and they are going to be baptized next
Saturday :) She is the sweetest lady, but her story breaks my heart.
We had a lesson with her yesterday and she told us that her husband
abandoned her for another woman, but left the house he built for her.
The problem is that her ex-husband’s family also lives in that house
(just a different part of the house-houses are different here, it’s
hard to explain)  and they have been trying to kick her out for years.
She has been living without water or light for 5 years and she lives
in fear that her husband’s family is going to do something to her, or
her daughters, or her house. The problem is, that her job is cleaning
a building after events, and it’s not very consistent, so she doesn´t
have money for a new house and her daughters aren´t very supportive of
her and tell her that she is worth nothing because she can´t provide
for them. Amidst all of this, she has the strongest testimony. and she
is so sweet. She has been going to Church for the past two weeks and
she is reading from her Book of Mormon every day and after her first
Sunday she brought home a tithing envelope and asked us to help her
fill it out. I feel really grateful that we have been able to get to
know her and work with her and I just know that Heavenly Father is
going to bless her so much for this decision. :)

Well, that’s about it for this week I guess! I´ll have to let you know
next week about cambios :)

I love you all! Stay strong! Do something every day to build your
testimony. Every day your testimony either gets stronger, or weaker.
We have to be constantly working to keep it strong.

Ok. Until next week,

Hna Shelton :)

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