Monday, March 3, 2014

Proud Mama and Grandma

                                                 March 3, 2014

Well, this week has been a week of surprises! But good ones :)
I have a story for ya`ll. Last Monday after internet we had our
reunion de cambios.(transfer mtg.) Of the 8 companionships in our zone, 7 had

transfers. Basically, half our zone left, including my beloved Hna
Apaza! We kind of knew it was coming, but it was still sad. I cried,
but got over it. And then, they told me that I would be receiving a
new companion that was just finishing her 12 weeks of training, OK.
that’s cool. So I went to the transfers meeting the next day expecting
to leave with Hna Sanchez, who I`d been told would be my new
companion. Well they call my name and tell me that my companion would
be arriving at 4. What? and then they called Hna Sanchez`s name and
she went with a different companion. Once again....What? Haha, so I
went up front and awkwardly stood off to the side by myself cause...I
didn`t have a companion! Afterwards they told me that because there
was an uneven amount of sisters in the mission we would be receiving a
mini missionary and she would be with me! A mini missionary is someone
who is planning on going on a mission and so they go with a missionary
and serve as their companion for the amount of time that they are
needed, but they aren`t set apart. It’s basically like just having a
member with you on divisions but...Its full time. I was a little
freaked out, cause that basically means that I`d be the only one in
charge of my area and that’s a lot of responsibility, but if that’s what
President wanted me to do...Ok! Irè y harè si?
(I will go and do)
So because my new companion wouldn`t be arriving until later I hung
out with the Hnas that were going to be training the four new Hnas
that were coming into the mission. We received 3 new north Americans,
and one new Latina. And so I went with them to lunch and got to meet
the new sisters (I already knew two of them cause I had met them when
the CCM came to our ward to proselyte and also one of them wrote me
before the mission because she found me blog :)) and then after lunch
when it was time for the transfer meeting for the new missionaries I
asked the assistants if I should go hang out in the offices and they
were like....actually Hna Shelton, president wants you to come to the
transfer meeting. Ok? So I entered the transfer meeting and they
called up the name of one of the sisters who was going to be training
and told her that...she would be receiving the mini missionary! What?
I just looked up at President super confused and he just winked at me
:P and then they called my name. ``Hna Shelton will continue working
in the canto chico zone, barrio begonias, and will be training...Hna
Aquino`` (and I repeat...what?!?) Everyone was super confused because
we all thought it was going to be different, but...Ok! So I went and
gave my new companion a hug, and we sat down, and....I`m training
again! Woo hoo! Also, something else pretty cool my first ``hija`` Hna
Espinoza, is training this transfer as well, which makes me a grandma
here in the mission. I feel so old! :) (I`m almost to my half way
mark..can you believe it?)

So, OK. That’s my story for the week. It’s been a little bit of a crazy
week but I`ve decided...I love training! Especially when I have a
companion as wonderful as Hna Aquino. Mom, guess what?! She`s from
Bolivia! She`s from Oruro which is about four hours from La Paz. She
has two older siblings that are also serving missions and she is so
great! She is really willing and excited to learn, and we get along
really well.

After the transfer meeting Hna Erickson came up and gave me a hug and
said, ``Well, looks like President changed his mind!`` Yup. Looks like
it. But after I sat down with my companion in the transfer meeting I
just had a super warm feeling come over me, and I knew that Hna Aquino
and I were supposed to be together and that President had received
revelation in that moment and that everything worked out how Heavenly
Father wanted it to as well. It was a pretty cool experience :)

Good news, remember E. that I told you about last week? She`s
getting baptized this weekend! Yay! Also, we have been teaching
J. whose ``husband`` is a member (they aren`t married) and they
just had a baby a couple months ago. Well their baby was born with a
pretty severe heart problem and they had to move here to Lima from
Cusco so he could have surgery. Well, we`ve been teaching her and this
past week all of their paperwork for their wedding finally went
through and they will be getting married next week, and then she is
going to be baptized! Double yay! Kind of a crazy coincidence as well,
her husband has almost the same heart problem that I do. And when he
was on his mission they put him on the same medicine that I`m on. Kind
of crazy, no?

The Lord definitely moves in mysterious ways. I am excited to see what
this new transfer brings :)

I hope everyone is doing well at home. Sorry I don`t have time to
respond individually, I took too much time writing :)

I love you all! Until Next week!!

Hna Shelton

Hermana Shelton and Hermana Aquino

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