Monday, March 31, 2014

"...and they were in number about [20 souls]; yea and they were baptized in the waters of [Lima Peru]

 Muy buenos dias mi amado familia! ¡Como estan? Espero que estan
felices y que estan animados para conferencia general este fin de
semana! woo!

This week was super good. On Saturday we had our tarde blanco and it
went really well! Satan always tries to put a stop to good things, but
in the end everything worked out well and they are 20 new members of
the church in our little part of Peru :) Two of our investigators were
baptized, M. and Y.. They are so special the both of them. I
don´t remember all I´ve told you...but I am pretty sure I have told
you about them. Y.´s mom is also super special; she told us this
week that she wants to be baptized as well. We are starting the
process of her papers so she can get married, and baptized in the
month of April. Her dad we found out was baptized when he was really
young alongside his family but he went inactive at a young age as well
and so we are working with him as well so that he can reactivate and
receive the priesthood and that the three of them can attend church as
a family.
Also, Remember the new family with ten kids that we found last week?
Well, we had our first real lesson with them this week and it went
really well! As the dad was talking to us he was talking about how he
just feels like there is something missing in his life, and that he
has felt confused with all of the other churches because they all
interpret the bible differently, and how he is just searching for the
truth. He also said, that this is something that they want to do as a
family and that he feels like his time has finally come, and that he
will be able to find what he is looking for. We were able to testify
of that to him, that this is the church of Jesus Christ, and is the
only true church and that the families are integral in Heavenly
Fathers plan for us, and the spirit was so strong! My companion and I
were having a hard time containing our excitement while he was
talking, and I had to contain myself because I just wanted to jump up
and shout, ´´what you are looking for is right here!´´ and just teach
it all in that moment, but. Line upon line. It´ll come :) They were
excited to come to church yesterday, but ended up not being able to
because they had to move out of their house that day, but they are in
their new house now (which luckily is still in our area) and we are
excited to see how things go with them :)

On Saturday night we were able to go to the women’s conference and it
was so good! We brought M. with us, and I can´t remember who was
talking, but she was talking about the covenant of baptism and was
talking directly to recent converts. We got there late because we had
to go all the way to the stake center and the traffic at nights is
horrendous here (also we left as soon as we could after the baptism
ended) and we walked in during this talk. We sat down right during
that talk, and it was like she was talking directly to M.! It was
super cool. (It was right after singing teach me to walk in the light,
when she had the young girls stand up) M. really enjoyed it,
and....I did too :) I didn´t know that they were changing it to be an
all women’s conference though! Why did they make the change? Are they
not doing the young women’s and relief society meetings separate


I have so much I want to tell you, but, I want to send pictures more
and our zone leaders are cutting our internet time today so I will end
it here.

Solo quiero decirles que, este es la Iglesia verdadera! Sin dudas. Es
aqui donde encontramos paz y felicidad. Les quiero mucho y estoy muy
animada para escuchar a un profeta viviente este semana!

Hermana Shelton
Nine months down, nine to go!

Rachel and two of her MTC companions got to attend the
 Temple together to celebrate their half way point.

The results of "tarde blanco".  
20 new members with their missionaries

There were so many cameras, no one knew where to look.

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