Monday, March 17, 2014

Senior companion, mama, Designated cockroach killer

Hola! Happy St. Patrick’s Day as well! I am most definitely wearing
green, and so is my companion :) (even though she`s never heard of St.
Patrick’s day before) Yes, I did get your hump day letter, thank you! I
will be celebrating my ``hump day`` in the best way possible, Me, and
a couple of the hermanas from my group are going to the temple! Yay! I
am super excited because I still haven`t seen the new movie, and all
the missionaries just keep talking about how awesome it is. So on
Wednesday, I`ll be in the temple :)

So being the senior companion brings lots of responsibilities. One of
them is being in charge of killing all the little bugs and creatures
that find their way into our apartment. We had an ``experience`` this
past week, that I think is funny, (my companion doesn`t think it’s that
funny) but I thought you`d enjoy it :) One thing you have to
understand as well is that my companion is deathly afraid of insects.
All types of them, doesn`t matter how big or small. Ok.
Last Tuesday night we were laying in our beds when all of a sudden my
companion started screaming and literally flew from her bed to the
other side of the room. I was like, hey! What happened?! Whats wrong?
And she couldn`t even tell me, she was so freaked out. So I went over
to her bed and there was a HUGE cockroach crawling across her pillow.
And I am not even joking, this thing was HUGE. Probably almost the
size of my fist. And then this thing literally took flight and FLEW
over to my bed. (I didn`t know cockroaches could fly....) Luckily
cockroaches don`t bother me, so I was just trying to figure out how to
get rid of it, but my poor companion was almost having a melt down.
(as you can see from the picture...) anyway, I brushed it off my bed
and smashed it with one of my shoes and got rid of it, and was finally
able to coax my companion off of her chair when she saw ANOTHER
cockroach crawling across the wall. Ha, there was no way this girl was
sleepin that night! This one was a little harder to kill, but I was
able to get rid of it and our apartment was finally cockroach free,
but my companion wasn`t able to sleep at all that night, poor girl.
Last night I woke up in the middle of the night to go to the bathroom
and as I was washing my hands another cockroach crawled up from behind
the soap. Ha. I got rid of it as quietly as I could, and as I was
brushing it out the door my companion woke up and asked me what I was
doing. I was like, oh, um...nothing! Don`t worry about it! haha.
Its good the bugs don`t bother me, cause I can get rid of them, but I
just hope another mouse doesn`t show up cause then there is no way
either one of us will be able to get rid of that thing, and we`ll have
to call the district leader again, for help :) hahaha did I tell you
that story? That’s another good one for another day.

In regards to what happened this week with the work, I am going to
copy and paste my email that I sent to president because the internet
is being really slow and we don`t have much time left :P
``Things in Begonias are good! My companion is progressing and
learning really fast, and it is a joy being her companion. We had a
lot of disappointments, but some really good moments these week as
well. We have been trying to focus on having the spirit in the lessons
and asking inspired questions so as to know the needs of those we are
teaching. We had a cool experience yesterday, one of our
investigators, M. de los A., really wants to be baptized. She
is really awesome, she was introduced to the church through a friend
in Pucallpa and when she got here to Lima she came looking for the
missionaries at the institute building and ever since we have teaching
her and she progressed so fast! The problem though was that her family
didn`t want to give her permission to be baptized. Well, yesterday we
had a cita with her and her family, and I don`t know what we said (we
said a prayer together before going in) but whatever we said worked
because they signed her permission and are excited to come to her
baptism and they said they would like us to come and teach them!
We are really excited for her.
Also, our bishop told us that he really enjoyed the training with
Elder Waddell and that he wants to have a special meeting with the
members of consejo and the missionaries so we can talk about how we
can even better implement the work of salvation in our ward. Yay! I
feel like things are going to get even better and we are going to be
able to work even more unitedly.
The work is progressing and I have definitely seen the hand of the
Lord this week. If all goes well, our family will be married and
baptized this Saturday.

Well, that’s about it for this week! I`ll fill you in more on our
investigators next week. On the 29th we are going to have a ``white
night`` with our zone which is a combined baptism for all of the zone
and I am really excited! Maria is going to be baptized that night.

Also, I forgot to tell you about Elder Waddell! Our meeting with him
was really awesome. He was with our mission for three days and he
spoke with all of the members of the ward council in each one of our
stakes in the mission. It’s crazy to see all that is happening now that
the lord is hastening his work!

Well, I love you all! Have a great week!

Hna Shelton

Rachel, the designated cockroach killer
Hermana Aquino

Ugh, cockroaches!

Rachel and her district after a service project

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