Monday, March 24, 2014

Little Miracles

Hello Everybody! Another week has come and gone, and it’s been a good
one! I know I just have sooooo much to tell you so we`ll see how much
I can get in. I think I am going to copy and paste my email to
president again to make this easier  :)

Most exciting news! I went to the temple on Wednesday! I was finally
able to see the new movie and it was INCREDIBLE. I literally could not
stop thinking about it for dayyyys. Hermana Goulding said it best as
we left the temple. She said, ``Every time I leave the temple I just
feel like my batteries have been recharged`` (salgo con full pilas!)
and it’s true. I can`t wait to be able to go to the temple whenever I
want again. That is a luxury I will definitely take advantage of :)

This week is going to be awesome! We have our tarde blanco
(white...afternoon.) on Saturday and there are 24 people that will be
baptized. Two of them are ours :) (and here is where I will paste the
letter to president) ``We are both really excited for our tarde blanco
this week with our zone. We will be having two investigators that will
be baptized, M. and Y.. None of M. family are members, but
they also want to learn more and are really excited for her baptism
(they will all be coming) and her older brother is counting down the
days for her. We have high hopes for them. And it is the same with
Y.! Her mom and dad aren`t members, but her aunt is and that is how
she was introduced to the church. She has been attending with her aunt
for the past month or so and when her mom asked her if she wanted to
baptized in the catholic church or in the Mormon church she responded,
I want to be like my tia M.! And so she has been taking the
lessons from us and is also counting down the days until her baptism.
She has invited allllll of her family. (We gave her ten invitations
and she asked for more) and we have also been teaching her mom
alongside of her and her mom told us in the last lesson that she would
like to be baptized as well! But she needs to get married first and so
it will take a little more time, but they both came to conference this
last weekend and we are excited as well to see how things go with

Y. is the sweetest little girl. She is almost 11 and she asks
harder questions than some adults I`ve taught! She was raised catholic
and it is a tradition that when you are baptized in the catholic
church you receive a god mother and god father. Well, after one of our
lessons she turned to me and asked if I would be her ``madrina`` (god
mother) and we had to explain that we don`t have those but it was
still really sweet :) These two girls that will be baptized this week
are SO special. I feel like so many people will be blessed by their
example and we are so excited to be working with their families. They
have both told us as well that they want to be missionaries just like
us. They are going to be great missionaries someday :)

Ok. Another ``little miracle`` this week, Our last contacts of the week
was an awesome experience. As we were walking down the street we both
felt prompted to talk to a family. So we went up, said hi and we all
started talking immediately like old friends. I am pretty sure we sat
there and talked to them for about 40 minutes (we were able to teach a
small lesson right then and there) and we found out that two years ago
they had been taking the lessons from two sister missionaries, one
from the states and one from Bolivia! They said we looked exactly like
them. We asked them why they`d stopped taking the lessons (because
they had even ended up going to church several times as well) and they
said they went on vacation and lost contacts with the missionaries.
But the wife’s mom recently passed away and she has been feeling really
alone, so we were able to talk about the plan of salvation and they
all said they want to come back to church. They said we can come over
whenever we want, and they will be waiting for us, and the best part?
They are married....with 10 kids! Needless to say, we are excited to
get to know and work with this family more :)

Also, remember how I told you about E., our last baptism? Two
weeks ago her family wanted nothing to do with the church and her mom
forbade her daughter from going to her baptism. But her mom told her
this last week that she has noticed such a difference in her daughter
and that there is a different ``light`` in the house. Where two weeks
ago she wouldn`t allow the book of Mormon in her house, the other day
Elizabeth caught her reading from it! It is like a night and day
difference. Remember how I said I was so excited for E. because I
knew the Lord would bless her for her decision? Well...We are seeing
those blessings coming and it is incredible!

Ok. I guess we have to go. So that is all for this week. I need to
send pictures but that will have to wait as well. I love you all and
thank you for all your letters!


Hermana Shelton

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