Monday, March 10, 2014


                                                  March 10, 2014


Hey ya´ll! So I didn´t leave myself much time to write a big email, I
was responding to a bunch of individuals so I´ll just give you the
most exciting moments of the week :)

First, E was baptized on Saturday! It was awesome. The
pictures didn´t turn out that great cause it was night time, but
you´ll get the basic idea :)

Training is going good. I love my companion :) Mom! I still can´t
believe you served in Oruro! You probably met my companion’s family.
What a crazy ´´coincidence´´ no? :) In what years did you serve?

This week Elder Waddell of the seventy is coming to spend 3 days with
our mission. He is going to talk with all of the ward councils in our
mission as well and I am super excited for it! He is going to be with
our area on Thursday.

Ok. And to end I just thought I´d let ya´ll know that I have
officially gained the ´´missionary stomach´´. On Saturday we were
served a huge plate of pasta, a salad to start with and a super
delicious desert to end. Well, Hna Crow wasn´t feeling good, and so I
offered to help her out. And ended up eating her entire plate of pasta
as well. didn´t even faze me. I could´ve kept eating. How
embarrassing, no? I feel like those 15 pounds I lost back in December
are not gonna stay lost for long. Oh well. Asi es la mision :)

Love you all!! Thank you for all your support! Que tengan un muy buen semana.

Hna Shelton

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