Monday, February 17, 2014

“One month older, and wiser too! Happy 8 months…to me!” …on Wednesday :)

                                                 February 17, 2014

Hola Familia!

Thank you for all your letters and support, they help me so much! Hey
Jess, where is the email and pictures from your first date?? I want to
see them!!!

So. It`s definitely been an interesting week. In the mission field
when it’s good, it’s really good, but then come the downs and they
aren`t always so fun.

We had a fabulous week the week before, in which we had a lot of
awesome experiences and four of our investigators accepted baptism and
came to church, we found several new families, and we taught 26
lessons and had our 100 contacts that week, which was the most we`d
ever had! and then...last Tuesday I had a pretty bad episode with my
heart and we had to stay in the house all day Tuesday, then we had a
training for most of the day Wednesday and were only able to teach one
lesson that day. Then we had to go to the doctors on Friday (I`ll
explain more about that in a sec) and for some reason or another
everything just kind of fell apart this week :P One of our baptisms
that was supposed to be for this Saturday needs to get married first
and we are still waiting for all the papers to go through for that to
happen. The other two that were supposed to get baptized this week as
well disappeared off the face of the earth. We have called and called,
but the phone is turned off. And we havent been able to find them in
their house. (Their names are C. and S., mother and
daughter) And they have come to church the past four weeks, but didn`t
show up yesterday. So....we still don`t know what’s happening with them
:P We also had tons of lessons fall through and we were only able to
find less than half of our investigators this week, which was pretty
discouraging. Also, the cat that used to live outside our house
escaped, but left us a little present. All of the fleas that used to
live on him...have now found a new home. Me and Hna Apaza. Yup, we
have fleas. But we spent the entire morning cleaning the apartment and
hopefully they are gone now! I feel like I understand dogs and cats so
much better now. It’s no wonder they are always scratching, these fleas
are drivin me nuts! Buuuuuut life goes on :)

We had an experience this week that I want to share with you. So one
of the recent converts in our ward (she was baptized in December)
disappeared off the face of the earth and Hna Apaza and her companion
before had tried calling her over and over again and visiting her, but
no one was there, or answered the phone. So we had basically given up
on trying to find her but the other day out of the blue as we were
trying to think of a plan B for a lesson we had we decided to try
visiting O. one more time. Well that day we had planned to try
visiting her at 5, but one of our other lessons fell through and we
were close to her house so we decided to go earlier. We got to her
house and called up to her window and knocked on the door
and....nothing. We waited and waited and right when we were about to
leave a moto taxi drives up and out steps....O.! We were super
excited to see her and she let us right in and we were able to find
out that her mom was sick and she had had to leave to her pueblo to
help her mom. And in her pueblo there is no cell phone service, but
she had only planned on being there for a couple of days, but a couple
of days turned in to two months. and she had just barely gotten back,
and she was getting ready to leave again, and she told us that if we
had come at any other time we wouldn`t have found her! She also told
us that she will be back in a couple of weeks and that she wants to
talk to the bishop, and not to worry, she still has a strong
testimony. It was definitely a small miracle and she told us that the
fact that we had found her exactly in that moment was a testimony to
her that Heavenly Father knows, and loves, and is looking out for her.
It’s a great feeling being an answer to someones prayers :)

Ok. About my heart. Don`t worry, I`m fine, but this last week I was
having a lot of chest pain again and while I was eating lunch last
Tuesday the entire left side of my body tensed up and my left hand
that was holding my fork cramped up completely and the fork dropped
(and scared everyone at the table :P) and I had a lot of chest pain
and was having a hard time breathing. So....I layed down at the
members house for a little while and the zone leaders came over and
gave me a blessing and on Friday back to the doctors I went :P So I am
now on a medication that I have to take every day and it seems to be
helping so....we will see! I`m feeling a little better, but extra
prayers would never hurt :)

So, the picture I attached is of me with some of my district last week
for P day. We played carnivales and probably filled up more than 300
water balloons, and had a full out war with the zone. It ended with
people dumping full buckets of water on each other, and there was not
a single person in our zone that was not completely soaked. Like,
completely. But, it was probably one of the funnest p days I have ever
had. :) After it was over we all layed out in the sun on the water
soaked soccer court and the water was warm, and the sun felt so good,
and Elder Florian one of our zone leaders made a comparison to the
soccer field and the celestial kingdom, haha :) It was good times. I
tried attaching a picture of the after math as well but the computers
here are so slow!

Well, that’s about it for this week! Love you all! I am excited for
Ashley and Marlee! That is so crazy that everyone is going to be
grandparents except for you two mom and dad. Give us a couple more
years ;) haha

The church is true. Families are forever. The Book of Mormon can help
answer any questions we may have.

Les Quiero!

Hna Shelton

Rachel and some of her district getting ready for a water balloon fight!

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