Monday, October 27, 2014

"Here comes the bride..."

Ha! Don`t worry. I`m not trunky, but we did have a wedding this week! Woo!

We have been working with P and J, P is a member, J isn't. I think I told you about them before. Well, they were married this last Wednesday and we got to go! Best part was that we got to escape the mission :) They were married at the Plaza de Armas right in the heart of Lima and it was so beautiful. J still doesn't have a baptismal date because he can`t attend church yet for his job, but the day after the wedding we had an awesome lesson with him and we talked about the family, and the sacrifices we have to sometimes make so that our family can be happy. He is praying to know if he should quit his job and look for another so that he can come to church and progress towards being baptized. They are an awesome family. Hey Em, you`ll like this. Their little girl is named Emily! And P is pregnant with twins. She was less active, but is now coming to church every week. I am grateful that we were able to be a part of this chapter in their lives! I would love to see J be baptized, but we will see. 

Let’s see, what else.....

Our pensionistas dog bit my companion this week. That was fun....

We met some awesome new investigators this week. We are teaching E, who has 18 years, and is a single mom. We have been teaching her outside of her house, right next to their goat. I think he likes listening to us too. (.....ha ha...) And on Friday when we were teaching her three cats got into a full on fight right above our heads on their tin roof. It was a little scary. (Also, our house also has a tin roof, and I sleep on the top bunk about 3 feet below the roof, and it is a pretty common thing to be woken up in the middle of the night by cats fighting right above my head. I usually wake up thinking it’s an earthquake or the end of the world or something, but nope. Just the dumb cats again.) Sorry, where was I? Oh yeah. E came to a Relief Society activity with us on Saturday and stayed afterwards for the baptism the Elders had. So that was awesome :)

E. didn`t come to church this week again :( He went out with his friends so that was pretty disappointing. But oh well. We just keep working hard :)

Well. I guess it’s time to go. Talk to you next week!

Les amo mucho!

Hermana Shelton


I thought I`d send on this picture we got from our mission conference with all the Hermanas in our mission :)
 When I got here our group of 11 girls more than doubled the number of hermanas, and now look at us! :)
Me in front of the equivalent of the white house!

Here are some pictures from the wedding!
And, a lovely typical scene of my beloved Peru.

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