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So this Monday we are having another ``world cup`` in the mission which means....we are writing today, not Monday! It’s gonna be sweet. All the zones have made their special ``zone`` jerseys and instead of being teamed up according to our country, we`re going to play zone, against zone. Bright and early Monday morning :) So President gave us all permission to write today. I love when the whole mission gets together!

This is actually going to be a super strange weekend all around, because tomorrow is election day in Peru! which church tomorrow. It’s against the law to have any type of meeting or reunion on this day, so we all have to stay in the house for a good part of the day so everyone can go and vote (which is also a law, everyone has to vote and if you don`t vote you have to pay a big fine). But unfortunately election day falls on general conference day! So next week is when they are going to broadcast general conference for all of Peru. But we have permission to watch it in a member’s house if we can so after internet we are going to go watch it with Mamita. (mi pensionista) yay!

I feel all weird writing today instead of Monday. But it’s whatever. I will just wait to hear from ya`ll the next week!

So, what’s been going on in my life this week....a ver.  Cool story! We are teaching a new family! My second day here we were walking down the street when a man called out to us, and started to chase us down. My first instinct was...what the heck? run! but my companion turned right around and started to talk to him. Turns out he`s harmless :) (you never know with some of the men here...I have some crazy stories for ya`ll when I get home) anyways. So this man, Guillermo, works cleaning convis(buses) and one day he found a book of Mormon left on a seat. He said that he felt like he needed to take it home with him, so he did. He said that he`d always seen the missionaries pass by and knew that it was one of our books so when he saw us he called us over to return it. We were like, no! This book is for you! He said he didn`t really understand how to read it, but he would like to know more. So we said we could come by one day to visit him and explain it and he got really excited. He told us we could come by whatever day we wanted, so we did :) And....long story short, we are now teaching him, his wife, and his four kids. They are veeeerry humble, but SO receptive. They aren`t married (like almost every couple in Peru) but it’s not because they don`t want to. There is something wrong with his wife’s birth certificate (her dad put that she was a hijo (son) instead of hija (daughter) so she has to get that changed before being able to get married. But they don`t have the money to do it. But, it’s a good thing the mission is expert in things like this :) They really want to make things right with God and want to be baptized. And we are going to help them! Their whole family is coming over to Mamitas house tomorrow to watch a session of General Conference. :) Also! Other small miracle. Guillermo told us that he wouldn`t be able to come to church because he works every Sunday. But this last week there was a change in salary in his job (it was lowered) so he said he is going to look for a new job with a better salary, and that allows him to come to church on Sunday. I felt prompted to tell him that if he started saying his prayers every day, asking specifically to find that job, that he could find it. I am excited to see how everything goes :)

So other than that...let’s see. My companion is wonderful! Hna Sanchez is a convert of three years, and she was less active for two of those years. The conversion story of her and her family is super bonito and her testimony is SO strong. I love teaching with her because she teaches with so much passion and spirit. We get along great and we have a goal to baptize a family together. Our goal is to contact three families in the street every day. 

Well, time to go.

I hope you are all ready and excited for General Conference! Which is about to start ten minutes. Yay!


Feliz cumpleaños otra vez Emily!

Hermana Shelton

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