Monday, September 29, 2014

Ciao Bello, hola Villa Hermosa


So, yes, it happened. I was transfered to what is very very likely to be my last area in the mission. Guess what? I`m back in San Juan de Lurigancho! about 10 minutes away from my old area. So that’s exciting. My new companion is Hermana Sanchez from Mexico. Funny story, we were supposed to be companions back in February, but then all the weird changes happened and I ended up training Hna Aquino, and she was put with another hermana in the zone. So we`ve been in the same zone together, and I already loved her which was nice. Also, it looks like we were meant to be companions! And I am excited for the opportunity to work with her. So now I am in barrio villa hermosa, in la estaca Magnolias. During transfer meetings one of my friends told me that my area could be called the ``celestial kingdom`` of the mission, mostly because of our pensionista. It’s true. This is my first time really having a pensionista and its great! La Mamita Charo is so wonderful. We live like four doors down from her family and we are there every morning for breakfast, and every night we read from the Book of Mormon with them in their family, so we are always there. It’s almost like being part of a family again :`) que trunky. I`ll have to tell you more about them and their story in another email, It’s awesome.

Ok. I have so much I want to tell you, so little time! I hope everything that comes out makes sense.

One of the nice things about transfers is that sometimes you ``inherit`` baptism dates. This weekend we had two baptisms :) And the elders in our ward had one as well. Cool story. Our first baptism was el Hno R.. A couple of years ago he was addicted to drugs and was arrested by the police. And crazy enough, it was the son of my pensionista that arrested him. (he was inactive at the time, and the sisters before me helped to reactive him) well, now, R. completely changed his life around and was baptized this last weekend, and guess who baptized him? El hno I.! (my pensionista's son) how crazy is that? It was a really beautiful baptism service. The other one who was baptized was A.. His wife has been a member for about a year, but he didn`t want to be baptized and kept putting it off, but he finally accepted and was baptized this weekend as well. The elders baptized  la hna C. Her and her family are my new favorite little family. We went and visited them with the elders my first day here, and yesterday as well. They live at theeee top of the hill, almost as far as you can go up. I had to almost crawl on my hands and knees to get there. crazy. anyways. Her husband was a member, but had never been active. They have three little kids. Their oldest is seven. When the elders got to their house and started to talk about baptism and that they needed to be married, their little daughter looked at her parents and said something along the lines of, that they were breaking Gods law, and that they needed to be married so that God could bless them. Her parents looked at each other and were like, well, why not? They were married last weekend and carmen was baptized this weekend. :) And they are super excited about being members and living the gospel. I love love love their little kids. I am going to try and send a picture. Yesterday after church I taught them how to play ring around the rosy. :)

I know I had more to tell you but I want to send pictures so I guess I’ll end. I`m doing really good, happy in my new area, loving the mission! And I promise I`m not trunky ;) hahaha.

Love you all! Que tengan un feliz dia! ciao!

Hermana Shelton

Hermana Shelton and Hermana Sanchez

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