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 So, I know I had things to tell you....but my mind is blank right now :) Also this keyboard is super messed up. And makes it hard to write. Oh  well.

Oh yeah! Remember the guy I told you about, that we contacted on the street and he said that he`d been praying to find a church to join permanently? He`s getting baptized on Sunday! :) Also, this Saturday will be the baptism of P., the son of a less active family we are working with. It’s gonna be a good weekend :)

This has been a good week. We had a really good experience going on visits with the ward council on Saturday! We went and visited a family that their 19 year old son recently passed away. They have been inactive, and before he passed away we went and visited him and shared a scripture about putting our confidence in God. As we were there talking to his grandparents I felt impressed to share the same scripture. It was a powerful moment, and I got choked up as we talked. Their testimony has really been strengthened through this trial and they said they are ready to come back to church because they want to have all their family back together again.
We are teaching the familia B. R. and we also went and visited them with the ward council. Only their son is a member, but after an experience they had, they have started coming to church and receiving the lessons. They are really awesome! 
We had a really beautiful experience with a less active member this week. Ever since I got to this area almost 4 months ago she has been on the list to visit. And we went several times but it was really awkward, because she was really closed off and didn`t really want to hear anything or answer any questions. But last Tuesday we went and it we found a completely different person! She let us in really excitedly and we just started to talk, and talk, and she opened up completely to us. I think one of the most powerful moments was when she was talking about when she joined the church. She told us she has always had a testimony of the Holy Ghost, that she could always feel it in the church. And then she looked at us and said, Just like I can feel it now. You two have brought the spirit to my home. And I have missed this feeling. In that moment the spirit entered the room SO strong, and after that we were able to ask her why she had stopped coming to church and for the first time she answered the question. As she talked the perfect scripture came to mind, and as we had her read it  her face completely changed. She hadn`t been coming because she had been having problems with her husband and she would come home from church and they would get in a fight and he`d ask her if that is what she had been learning in the church. She said she didn’t feel worthy to be there and so she decided to stop coming. We shared the scripture that says something like the healthy don’t have need of the medic, just like the perfect don`t have the need of a church... I don`t know exactly what is is in English ha, but basically that you don`t need to be perfect to come to church. And her face completely changed. And in that moment we gave the invitation ``so, will you come to church with us this Sunday?`` and the spirit was so strong! And she accepted :)
The spirit is so important in all we do. Even now as I write this email I feel the spirit so strong. I know that everyone has their ``moment`` and that we should never give up on anybody. Heavenly Father knows them perfectly and will send us in the moment that they are ready, we just have to be prepared for that time. 

So, yeah. That was a really beautiful experience :)   Thanks for all the good news from home! Congratulations Chris! and Grandpa, will you be the sealer in my wedding? Congratulations on your new calling :)

I hope everyone is well at home and that you have a wonderful week! Love you all!

Hermana Shelton

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