Monday, October 14, 2013

I'm eating what?!

                                                                                                                     Oct. 14, 2013


*Disclaimer: To all those who have read, are now reading, and will yet read my letters home.

As my Spanish skills are increasing, my English skills are decreasing rapidly. Please ignore any past, current, or future mistakes of grammar, incorrect spelling, or weirdly phrased sentences. (Also, on Spanish computers every English word I spell is wrong so the dumb spelling check is no help at all.)

If you agree to the above demands, you may continue reading. ;)


Guess what?! I got FOUR letters this week! I got three letters through regular mail, (the one from Emily, one from Holly, and one from Peggy) and then I got a Dear Elder letter from Sister Chappell. Thank you so much for your letters everybody, they definitely brightened up my week and it was so good to hear from all of you! It looks like regular mail works pretty good, so maybe that is the best way to send them? It takes about 4 weeks for them to get to me, but at least some have gotten to me! :)

And mom, you asked about what I would like in a Christmas package and I was thinking maybe some new CDs of church songs, a new skirt (the polka dot one from missionary mall maybe? :)), some of my sheet music for the piano (especially my sheet music for the EFY medley) and then just some letters and pictures from everybody at home :) oh! and some good ol´ American candy like starbursts would be nice too :) I am getting a little worried about where I am going to find contact solution because hasta ahora I haven´t been able to find any and I only have one bottle left, but I am going to talk to Hermana Erickson and see if she knows where I can buy some and then let you know and maybe you can send some to me? And yes, print out pictures of Jesus and the virgin Mary and paste them on the package, and then seal it really good with tape and it should get here without any problems. 

Dad, thank you for your stories about your mission! They made me laugh, especially the one about your companion getting in front of you and getting bit by the dog, because that exact same thing almost happened to me and Hermana Shriver! The dog was coming at us and she immediately jumped in front of me and hit it with her bag. Luckily neither of us were bit, but we´ve had some close calls :) I know what you mean about all the drunk people too. I see too many drunk people to count on a daily basis. We do our best to ignore them as well, but they´re pretty annoying. 

Ok. I promised the story about throwing up. So last week I was pretty sick to my stomach for most of the week. It is a feeling I am getting used to because no matter how hard you try to avoid it, we eat things that do NOT agree with our stomachs. So anyway, last week was just one of those weeks and we went to the house of a member for lunch. This lady is very sweet, but she likes to give us a whole lot of food. The first course, a soup, did not taste very good at all and it was making me super sick to eat it and there was a whole lot of it, but I somehow got it all down and was feeling ok. Then she brought out the second, and then third course, and by this point I was doing all I could to try and keep it down. We got up to leave and my stomach literally could not hold it all in anymore and I threw up the entire second and third courses all over their floor. and then, I threw up the first course as well. Hermana Shriver said that it was literally like watching a volcano explode, she couldn´t believe how fast and how much food came back up out of my stomach. (sorry if that grosses any one out) so anyway. That was fun.

And I just have to tell you about what I ate this past week. I still can´t even believe I ate this, but here it goes. So we were at Hermana N's house and she gave us these little meat looking things to eat with our bread. They looked a little funny but we couldn´t say no so we put some on our bread and started to eat. When I bit into it I saw that the inside was really, really red and we were a bit concerned, but the outside of it was practically burnt so we thought we were ok. Also, they didn´t taste too bad so we continued to eat them (because she kept bringing us more) well, as I was eating my third sandwich Hermana Shriver gets up the courage to ask N. what we were eating. And as I am taking a bite she says, ¨Oh, this is Sangrecita!¨ (in English that translates over to fried pigs BLOOD!!!) WHAT?!?! Hermana Shriver said my face was PRICELESS. My eyes got really, really, big and my mouth dropped open, and it took all my will power to not spit out what was in my mouth. Yeah. That was an experience...

Oh! I have to tell you! We had two baptisms this past weekend! J. is a 25 year old man that the other Hermanas started teaching back in July, and we got lucky enough to be able to be the ones who got to finish teaching, and invite to be baptized! And then we also baptized L., who has been receiving the missionaries for about a year, but had to wait to get married before he could be baptized. Well, they finally got married last month, and he was baptized this weekend! The baptism went really well, the spirit was super strong, and we had one of our other investigators there. She really enjoyed it and we´re excited to see where things go with her. Also, remember those kids we taught in the street last week? Our investigator that was at the baptism was their mom, and all the kids came with her too. It was a good weekend :)

Well, once again I have to go and I had more I wanted to write about, but I will have to wait to next week. 

I love you all and hope you all have a great week! I am sorry I don´t have time to respond individually to everyone but I wanted to let you all know that I read every single word of every email and they make me so happy. It is so good to hear about what everyone is doing. I will have to send pictures from the baptism next week, yeah? 


Hermana Shelton

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