Monday, October 28, 2013

I love to see the Temple, I'm going there Wednesday!

                                                                                                                            October 28, 2013

Hola Familia!

Well, this week has definitely been a new experience. Being a Momma is hard work! 

First, my nueva compañera. Her name is Hermana Espinoza and she is from Honduras! She is 19 years old and she is the very first Sister Missionary to serve from her branch. (second missionary to serve, ever) She doesn`t speak any English except for the one phrase she learned during estudio de idioma which is, `good morning bishop, how are you?` hahaha. Her accent cracks me up. We`ve been practicing :) She is absolutely wonderful. I feel very blessed to have her as my `hija`. She has a strong desire to work hard and during our very first lesson together (We left the mission offices together around 2 in the afternoon last Tuesday and our first lesson was at 3) I started the lesson and then looked at her to see if she if she would take a turn teaching, and she did! I was so happy I almost cried. :) She has no fear of talking to people and she is already teaching half of the lessons and initiating contacts. Like I said, I am very blessed to have her! She is also always keeping me laughing. At first she appears really serious and reserved and then out of no where she will yell out a joke or a funny comment and I will bust out laughing and just look at her like, `Where in the world did that come from?!` Also. guess what? We have the exact same pair of shoes. The black ones with the bow on the side? Yeah. she has the exact same pair. I`m thinking that we were meant to be companions :)

Being a trainer is hard work! And a whole lot of responsibility. It has been a bit of a rough week investigator wise (We had to drop several investigators because they weren’t progressing, and then our investigator who was supposed to be getting baptized this weekend didn`t show up to church and we found out that his friends are discouraging him from getting baptized) and so we are in the process of finding new investigators. Each companionship has a different dynamic and the way that Hermana Shriver and I worked together is different than the way Hermana Espinoza and I work together. So we are figuring things out and looking for new people to teach. 

Good news is, I get to go to the temple this Wednesday! This is Hermana Mamani`s last transfer before she goes home and she wants to go to the temple one last time so the Hermanas in Zona Independencia (Hna Espinoza, Hna Nelson, Hna Mamani, y yo) got permission to go. Yay!! I am super excited :) I have missed being able to go to the temple. So my p day will actually be Wednesday. After we finish up here at internet we will be going out to work as a normal day. 

I can`t believe Kylee leaves for her mission is 3 weeks!! That is so exciting. I have been telling the members in my ward about my sister who will be leaving on a mission soon as well and they always ask about you and how you`re doing :) The spirit of missionary work is really strong right now in Barrio Independencia. We had 8 jovenes recieve their mission calls in the past 3 or 4 weeks and once they all leave there will be 19 missionaries serving from our ward! That is a pretty big number for a ward here in Peru and it’s all that everyone talks about :) 

In answer to your question, they do celebrate Halloween here but not to the extent we do in the States. I have seen a couple of Halloween decorations up and on the 31 some people will dress up and go out trick or treating at businesses but it’s definitely not as big here. The big celebration thats been going on this week (well, this whole month) is El Señor de los Milagros, which is a big catholic holiday. I am not gonna lie, it’s a little bit scary.... Look it up on google. There have been big processions throughout the city all week. 

Ok, I have to go. I love you all! Tenga un buena semana!

Hermana Shelton


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