Monday, November 4, 2013

Pass the Guinea Pig, please!

Well Family,

I had a monumental week this past week. Want to know why? I finally tried Cuy (Guinea Pig) for the first time! I don`t know why we kept our guinea pigs around for so long...they`re delicious! We should have eaten them a long time ago! Hahahaha, just kidding! ;)

There is a lady in our ward who breeds guinea pigs and so she had us over for lunch on Saturday and she killed and cooked several special just for us. Aren`twe lucky? :) They really are pretty good. It tasted basically like chicken, but there just isn`t as much meat on a guinea pig. 

The temple was wonderful! We had a good time together. I took a bunch of pictures and I am going to keep this letter short so I can send them.

We ¨sacrificed¨ our P day last week to go to the temple and worked all day Monday. It really wasn´t a sacrifice though because we were able to find a family we´d been looking for that day and we had an awesome lesson with them! We also had several other little miracles occur that day that we know are blessings from going to the temple :)

I would love to see pictures from Halloween! Please send them, I can open up attachments no problem :)

Also, Ky your mission pictures are beautiful! What day is it that you leave again?

I did read the letter from my mission president. I was really bummed too. They did say though that if you send it in a padded envelope it will go through like a letter. If you still wanted to send a couple small things in a big padded envelope you could try that? I am excited to get all the stories though in letters! I would love to be able to read a Christmas story each night :)

I hope I get to see Jeff! That would be so cool! 

Ok. The two photos attached are from the temple. The first one is just me and the second is with ¨Mi Hermanas¨ :) The Hermanas of Independencia. Hna Espinoza is on the left then me, Hna Mamani, and Hna Nelson. 

I hope you all have a wonderful week! Love you all mucho!

Hermana Shelton

recent baptism

Hermana Shelton and Hermana Shriver on their last night together.  H. Shriver went to Lone Peak High School, a PG rival. The only "problem" they had together.  hahaha JK

Rachel at the Lima Temple- Oct. 30, 2013

The Hermanas of Independencia-  Hna. Espinoza, Hna. Shelton,  Hna. Mamani, and Hna. Nelson   

Hermana Shelton at the Lima Peru Temple

Happy Halloween Hna. Shelton and Hna Espinoza switched name tags.

Rachel eating guinea pig.  She said it tasted great!

Welcome to Independencia!  The view from the front door of one of their investigators who lives in the tops of the cerros (hills)  They do lots of walking.

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