Monday, May 5, 2014

Happy May!

Hey all!

Well, I feel like I don`t have much to tell you about this week, mainly cause we`re gonna be talking face to face in less than a week! woo! I`m so excited!

This week has been good, normal. Nothing too exciting. Thursday was a holiday here in Peru (Hna Aquino said in Bolivia as well, maybe in other Latin American countries as well?) It was Dia del Trabajador (labor day) and everyone had the day off, so we decided to have a ward activity! There were a bunch of different activities, volleyball, soccer, basketball, ping pong, foozball, karaoke, play station, checkers, chess, etc.... and it was a big success! The purpose of the activity was to be able to invite investigators and bring those who are less active, and also so the ward could get to know the missionaries, and all went really well! We had a lot of fun :) The missionaries were all team captains for a volleyball tournament, team won. No big deal :) I`ll send some pictures.

A ver. What else.... 
This last week we had a blitz in our area. Also, I don`t know if I mentioned it before but we have a little mouse friend who has moved in with us. Uninvited of course. And he keeps getting away, the dang thing! So when the Elders came over for the blitz they set up a trap for us, (we put peanut butter on it and everything!) But he still lives. Its ok. Today we`re going to buy two more traps and cheese and hopefully he`ll fall for it. 
Ciao raton!

Also, one of the pictures I`m sending is from our service activity this last week, and the week before. We hiked up to a house in the cerros in one of the areas of the elders and we helped them break up big rocks from behind their house and carry them down the stairs and to the other side of their house. Just so happens that this day the only ones from the zone that could come were....the sisters. Ha. So we carried them all, no big deal. The two elders and the sons of the family broke up the rocks and we carried them all out. It was fun. The picture kind of says it all :)

Well, thats all I can think of from this week! Que aburido, lo siento! Pero bueno. Vamos a hablar Domingo, si? Mama, dijiste que en la tarde seria mejor, no? Voy a hablar con la Hna Rochi porque vamos a usar su computadora para llamar y tenemos permiso para hacer un ``prellamada`` para confirmar los planes. Les voy a llamar uno de estos dias durante la semana para fijar la hora.

Haha. I actually just realized I was writing all of that in Spanish. I just meant to write the ``lo siento`` and I guess my mind just flipped to Spanish. Oh well. 

Send my love to everyone! Les quiero un MONTON.
ciao for now!

Hermana Shelton

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