Saturday, May 10, 2014


Well, it’s not a surprise for my family cause I told ya`ll on Thursday that we`d be writing today but to everyone else,  surprise! We are writing our emails today because this Monday we are having a mission wide P-day and will be going to Tahauntisuyo to have a "Mini Mundial" (Mini world cup) between all the missionaries. It’s gonna be sweet. But we have to leave super early in the morning for travel time and so we can get it started early so Presidente told us to all write today. 

It’s kind of weird, especially cause we`ll be talking tomorrow as well, but oh well! 

So I have to update ya`ll about our little mouse friend.
Turns out he has lots of family, and friends, that have moved in with us as well. This week has been very interesting.
It all started Monday night. I was in the bathroom and saw something brown pass underneath the door. At first I thought it was the hand of Hna Aquino because whenever the phone rings she passes it to me under the door cause she doesn`t like talking on the phone but then I got a closer look, and a brown, furry mouse and I had a little stare down. Well, I screamed, it ran the other way towards my companion who screamed as well. We didn`t sleep well that night.
The next day after lunch the six of us missionaries came back over to our apartment because Elder Kramer was gonna set up two more traps and we also bought some poison to go with it. When we got in Hna Crow decided it`d be a good idea to pour water down its hole to try and drown it. So she started pouring in the water and it just kept going in, more and more! we had no idea the hole was so deep. We were all standing around the hole as she started pouring in the sixth bottle of water when all of a sudden a little gray head appeared and came running out, then another, then another, then another, and another! What happened next was absolute chaos. Brooms were flying, people were screaming, and 7 little baby rats were running around our feet. My companion was on my bed, with her hands covering her eyes, Elder Naranjo was super sick and out of it so he was just sitting on a chair, Elder Kramer and Hna Sauceda started trying to hit them with the brooms, and stomping on them and I also had a broom but someone yelled, "get the camera!" so I ran and got the camera and got some of the action on film. About 5 minutes later the 7 babies had all been stomped on, and it calmed down. 
It was probably 5 of the craziest minutes of my life. and definitely an unforgettable experience.
Unfortunately, we only got the babies. There are still at least two more that have been running around our apartment the past few days.
We are looking for a new apartment. :)

After they had all been killed we gathered them up into a circle to count them. And take pictures :) 
The first picture is me with them. First, you can look at my cute new shoes. (They were only 20 soles! That’s like....7 dollars. I love Peru) Ok, now look in front of my shoes and zoom up real close.
Gross, huh?

The second picture is for you, Mom! I saw this sign on P day when we went to Plaza Norte. It says, "Mama, tu me inspiras"! Feliz dia de la Madre! :)

Well, ok. I can`t wait to talk to you tomorrow!!!!!!!!!!!! I think the plan is still 6 your time, 7 my time. But Hna Rochie has to leave to a meeting that night, so if it’s ok, I might call like a half hour earlier, esta bien? 

SEE YOU TOMORROW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Hermana Shelton

Introducing...the moto taxi. Our main form of transportation.

Me and one of my favorite little families.  

Me and Hna Rochie during the ward activity last week

Hna Crow and I at Plaza Norte.  We took this picture for our Mamas as well!  Sending our love from Peru!
Happy Mother's Day!

A little graphic.. but here are a couple of the of the dead mice. 

Elder Kramer and Hna Sauceda after "the killing"
Check out the new shoes... and the dead mice.

Service activity to clean up after a fire in an apartment building by the church.
Some of the ward members live there.

The zone after zone conference on Thursday

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