Monday, July 14, 2014

Gringito el Angelito

Hola a todos!

It’s been a fun week. This week we had a big stake activity where the "entrance price" was to bring a less active, or non- member. It was a circus with clowns and magic and it was pretty cool! They also had the missionaries put on an act and we did a sketch about a disobedient angel named gringito. (Hence the subject line) It turned out pretty good :) The story line basically is that there is this angel who is sent on special errands. The first is to stop Abraham from sacrificing his son. The second was to save Daniel from the lions, the third was to save Nephi from his brothers, and the last one was to save two sister missionaries (Me and Hna Torrico) from a robbery. But each time he was distracted by something, for example...his cell phone, his friends, a party, pizza, once he fell asleep, etc.... And each time he failed in his task. And....we all died. At the end we all find him in heaven and "got our revenge" haha. It was pretty funny. The moral of the story was along the lines of "don`t let the things of the world distract you from the things that matter most"  We thought we were hilarious. When we were practicing we were all laughing so hard that my heart started to hurt. Ooops. My companion has videos, I`ll have to get them from her and show you when I get home. (I don`t think I can send them...The internet is pretty slow)

But anyways. It has also been a good week because we found a new family to teach!! Yay! We have been struggling a little bit with finding investigators, but a couple weeks ago we contacted a lady, and on Thursday we were finally able to meet with her, and we found her with her mom, her three kids, the boyfriend of her daughter, and her husband. (her husband didn`t listen to the lesson, but we were able to at least meet him.) It was really cool because we walked in and they had a huge picture hanging up on the wall from the church! It is the one with Jesus and the little children, that is super common, know which one I`m talking about? and when we walked in I thought...hey! are they members? But no. They told me that the picture showed up out of the blue in their moms store and they liked it so much they kept it and put it in their house. Their daughter told us that her and her boyfriend have been wanting to find a church to attend and be baptized because they want to start out their lives well together. It was crazy because just before leaving the house that day we`d prayed to find a family to marry for August, and....we found them! They have to get married first since they are living together but we have a lot of hope for this family. We are praying super hard that all will go well and that they will progress. Prayers would be appreciated :)

Oh. Mom, like you said in your letter, there is opposition in all things! We killed another mouse in our apartment this morning. Ewwwww. I have had it up to HERE with these things. One or two of them have been running around for about a week and we finally got one of them. We found its droppings by our food and dishes, and behind our suitcases as well. And I repeat, EWWW. Hna Erickson is coming for apartment checks this week and hopefully we can talk with her and get everything fixed. 

I hope all is well with you all! Thank you for all your letters. I`ll be thinkin about you Jess up at trek this week. Have a wonderful time! 

P.S. Mom and Dad, Just so you know my favorite family (I mention them in like every letter, it’s the family Sandoval, por si a causo) Have decided that I am going to be part of their family by marrying their nephew. Last night in the Family Home Evening he was there and they all started planning the wedding. It was super awkward. But funny at the same time cause they were all so in to it. They even started calling me "sobrina"(niece) and his mom who was also there started calling me her daughter in law. He is working on his papers for the mission so it`d still be another two years. 
How would you feel if I married a Peruvian?

HAHAHA don`t worry, it’s just a joke! ;) Love you all!

Hermana Shelton

Pictures! Me and my companion Hna Torrico with la Hna Lita. Us in Plaza Norte last week, and Me with Milagros and Gaela up in the hills by their house. They are part of the Familia Sandoval. (My future cousins...HAHA just kidding! :))

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