Tuesday, July 8, 2014

Happy (late) Fourth of July

                                                                                                                                  July 7, 2014


first off I need to apologize for that horrible letter I sent last week. If you can`t tell I wasn`t feeling to good and all I could think about was how sick I felt. haha. But don`t worry! I`m all better now and I promise not to write such a horrible letter again. Also, I finally figured out how to say "apesar" in English. I literally sat on the computer for five minutes trying to figure out how to say that last week. I looked it up in the dictionary when I got home. It means "in spite of" Ha. Hopefully I can speak normal when I get home!

So, transfers were this week! Hna Valdivia was transfered and I received my nueva compañera, la Hna Torrico de Cochabamba Bolivia! My second companion from Bolivia :) Mom, in what cities did you serve in again? She`s awesome. We get along great. We`ve spent the last few days sharing stories and laughing and having a great time. I`m excited to be working with her! She has 6 months in her mission. She is in the same group as Hna Valdivia, they got here at the same time.

Also, my new zone leader went to school at Maeser so we have some friends in common! It was nice to talk about good ol` Utah for a while. :)

Things are so good here! I think I am literally in the best ward in the mission. Bello Horizonte is so awesome. The members here work so hard! The ward council goes out and does massive visits to all the people we are teaching and to less active members and recent converts. And they are always willing to accompany us. I really love this ward a lot. Yesterday, testimony meeting went over for a half hour because everyone wanted to share their testimony. Mom, there is an hermana here who said she was going to write you. La Hna Lita. She has a daughter in the mission right now as well and loves getting pictures from the members of the ward in Brazil where her daughter is serving and said she wants to write to you, and the mom of Hna Torrico as well. I`m gonna give her your email address, yeah? 

We have been having a lot of success with the less active members of the ward. A couple weeks ago we went out with the Young Womens president to visit some of her less active young women and by chance ran into the mom of one of the young women that we weren`t planning on visiting. She was baptized when she was nine but has never been active. We just started talking and asking how she was and ended up staying for over an hour. Then she invited us back and we have been teaching her and her daughter ever since. It is amazing how prepared she is to come back to the church. It is true that everyone has "a moment" the missionaries visited her before but she never was interested, never had time, etc... but because of certain circumstances in her life she is now so prepared. It is almost like teaching an investigator...just because she has never been active ( Her family, yes. Her brother just got home from his mission and is our mission leader) only that....we can`t invite her to be baptized again :) But she has come to church the past two Sundays, with her daughter who is also a member, but has been inactive. And yesterday they blessed her daughters little baby. 

There is also a recent convert in our ward who is so awesome! He is an older man (ìn his 60s, I think) Who just a couple years ago forbade his wife from going to church, but now he is baptized and super active and reads his scriptures all day. Two weeks ago in stake conference he received the Melchezidek priesthood and yesterday had some questions about the priesthood. And, Hna Torrico and I don`t know as much about it as say, the elders... But I really felt the spirit guiding the lesson and we were able to teach and respond to his questions, and I even learned something new from the words that came out of my mouth! The spirit is the teacher, not us. It was a cool experience.

A ver, que mas. Oh. Funny story. Yesterday we were with my favorite family and as we were leaving their 11 year old son accidentally touched the arm of my companion and she looked at him and said, (in Spanish obviously) "Touch me not! For I have not yet returned to my Father.... And from the mission." hahaha, maybe thats only funny to me, but I almost fell on the ground I was laughing so hard. We have a good time together :) 

Good news! We now have permission to leave the mission on P days to visit the cool parts of Lima. Like all the historical places and the beach and stuff. Our mission literally has nothing but dust, hills, and dogs, so this is a big deal!! The bad news is we can only leave once every two transfers. When I heard that I was like, hey! but I only have four transfers left! Everyone accused me of being trunky, but I`m not trunky I promise! 

Well, I better go I am almost out of time. I loved reading all about the reunion, and what you wrote me dad about that book and his experiences, and following the spirit. I liked that a lot. I`ll have to read it in 5 and a half months. (But I`m not trunky!) I wish I could have been there too. Mom, will you send me my t shirt? :) thank you!

I promise I`m not trunky! I absolutely love being in the mission, and would stay for two years if I could. I love being a missionary and seeing the gospel change lives. It’s true. I know it, I live it, I love it. It’s the small things in the life that make the difference. 

Have a wonderful week!

With love,

(The not trunky Sister Missionary in Lima Peru!) :)

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