Monday, July 28, 2014

Feliz dias Patrias!


So today is the 28th of July. Which is Independence Day in Peru. Woo! It’s cool that today is P day cause some members of the ward invited us to a barbeque and after internet we`re gonna go eat some delicious barbequed anticucho (cow heart) yummmm..... :) Its actually super delicious. I`ve been craving it for a while :)

Thanks for all the info from home! I`m glad the family finally got to see just how crazy Abby really is ;) hahaha. Love you Miss Abby!

It’s been a good week! This week we had a work visit and I got to go to another area for the day and work with Hna Goulding who is of my best friends in the mission. We were in the CCM together and are so much alike it’s almost ridiculous. So it was a good time :) 

We`re still working with our new investigators and are hoping to have lots of baptisms in August! Our ward really is so great. Tomorrow the stake president and his wife are going to accompany me and my companion for a couple hours to visit some references and less active members. We are also taking advantage of the holidays and are going to have one or two young women with us each day. 

There is a really sweet old lady in our ward who is 90 years old. She can`t go to church anymore for her health so we visit her during the week to share a scripture and sing a hymn. She is so so sweet and her daughter who lives with her is special, and always gives us the biggest hugs when we come over. She is a pioneer of the church here in Peru! She was baptized back in the 60s when the church was brand new and always tells us about when she helped build the first stake center in Lima. It’s cool cause we`ve been there! Its where we have had the meetings when the apostles come. She is always so grateful when we come over and whenever we need to lift our spirits we visit her and feel so much better :)

Yesterday I celebrated my half birthday with la familia Sandoval cause I won`t be here for my birthday. One of the pictures I`m sending is me with them :)

I didn`t leave myself much time to write a good email, lo siento!

Just know I love you all, I am doing really great, and the church is true! 

Mom, could you send me a new hymn book in English? Maybe two? Just the small cheap ones. I gave mine away to mi hija :P 

Viva la Peru! Love you all!

Hermana Shelton


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