Monday, September 2, 2013

Officially a Peruvian!...well, sort of.

Officially a Peruvian!...well, sort of.                                             Sept. 2, 2013


Hola mi Familia!


Como estan todos? Muchas gracias por todos sus cartas! There is so much going on at home!


Yo tengo una buena noticia para ustedes! (I have good news for you all) :) My visa went through and I received my Peruvian ID this past week. I am officially a resident of Lima Peru! Whoa. That’s kind of weird. But awesome at the same time. :)


I am feeling a LOT better. I have been taking an antibiotic (I think in the US it’s called a Zpac?) and the fever and flu and everything is gone, all that’s left over is the cough, but that has gotten a lot better these past few days as well. 


I literally can’t believe that I am sitting at the computer typing another letter to you already. This past week absolutely FLEW by. I can’t even think of what happened! It has been pretty normal. Living with 6 hermanas has proven interesting, but its working out better than the Zone leaders thought it would, so that’s good :) It’s actually been kind of nice showering en la casa de Hermana B. (nuestro pensionista) because she is a hair stylist and always offers to brush out and blow dry our hair for us. It’s really sweet :) It’s also been nice because the otro Hermanas were fed an absolutely terrible soup this past week and were really sick, so with six hermanas we are able to go on splits and still be able to go to all of our appointments. The two that were sick stayed home while Hna Schroader went with the other Hermana to their appointments and Hna Mamani and I went to our appointments. Today for P day we are going ´´apartment shopping´´ (woo hoo....) and I am sad that we won’t all be living together for very much longer. But, we´ll see what happens!


With our investigators it was another really disappointing Sunday. We taught G. the Law of Chastity this past week and ever since then he´s been avoiding us and he didn´t come to Church yesterday. :( We´re praying really hard for him because he has been SO excited and has such a strong testimony. We ran all over our area Saturday night and Sunday morning trying to get all our investigators to come to church and we ended up with exactly ZERO once again. We were pretty bummed but we know that Satan is trying his hardest to stop their progress so we are just going to have faith that next Sunday they will come and we are going to pray and work as hard as we can for them this week. We also found two new families and several other promising new investigators that were really excited about so we´re happy. Oh! L. received a calling this past week! She was called to serve as the second counselor in the young women’s presidency. It’s basically perfect for her :) It’s kind of funny, two weeks ago we were planning her baptism in Ward Council, and yesterday she was IN ward council! We are really excited for her. (Also, I haven´t been told anything about pictures and names on blogs...I think putting up the pictures should be fine and just the first letter of their names)


I can´t believe all that’s happening at home! I am so excited for Amy and Troy! And also Whitney! 


And Dad, that’s crazy all that is happening at your school! I will be praying for you extra hard tomorrow. I know you will do great :)

Mom, good luck with Preschool starting, I want to know how it goes and also how everything goes with your new job at Windsor!

Jess, thank you so much for your email. I can´t believe you are a big high schooler now! I LOVED what you told me about your experience with the word confidence. It’s so true. You are a confident beautiful young woman who is going to do amazing things. Remember that, yeah?

Emily, thank you for your email too! Jr. High huh? I am glad to hear you are making new friends! I want to hear all about it! I know that you are going to do wonderfully too.

Abby, I am glad that school is OK :) and that you get to sit by your friends! That sounds way fun! I love the book Serpent Tide. How do you like it so far?

Kylee, ahh! I am anxious to hear about your call! What else are you up too?


I have received three letters so far. One from Spencer, a pouch letter from Ashley and a wedding invitation from Katie (my roommate from last semester. Ashland’s sister :)) I am still waiting for the ones from my family! :)


Well, I love you all! Good luck with everything that is going on this week and with school. I am sorry I don´t have time to respond individually but I tried to at least a little bit above. 


I LOVE YOU ALL!!!! Send everyone in the family my love, OK? If anyone asks tell them I say, ´´Te Quiero Mucho!´´ (I love you lots!) Thank you for all your love and support. 



Con mucho amor,


Hermana Shelton

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