Monday, September 23, 2013

Three months!

                                                                                                               Sept. 23, 2013




Si, yo tengo 3 meses en la mision! Three months in the mission, thats so crazy. In some ways that feels like no time at all, but in others ways it feels like I´ve lived in Peru my whole life! My life with ya´ll back home seems like a dream right now :) 

I did have a wonderful week! Hermana Shriver and I have lots of crazy experiences together thats for sure. Some of them I probably won’t tell you until I´m back home so you don´t worry ;) As two gringas we get LOTS of attention from everybody. I used to think being famous would be fun, but after having people literally stop in their tracks and stare at us as we walk by or yell ¨Gringas!¨ at us from across the street or cat call and whistle at us constantly, I´ve changed my mind about that :) We were teaching a lesson to one of our investigators in his little tienda the other day and someone stopped and took a picture of us. That was a little weird. Also, everybody knows who we are. Not even joking. We knocked on a door the other day and he was like, ¨Oh yeah! I know you two. I saw you walking down by the municipalidad the other day.¨ And we´ve heard other things similar to that more than once. Oh well. We get in a lot of doors and we have no problem meeting our goal of 100 contacts every week (everyone likes to talk to us :P) so its ok. 


I need to tell you about our investigators! We have a baptism this week. His name is J. and he is ten years old. His aunt joined the church almost two years ago and now he wants to get baptized as well. So his baptism is this Saturday. We have one more baptismal date for J. He is 23 years old and has friends that are members in our ward. We have been teaching him as well and he is excited and preparing for his baptism on the 12 of October. We found a family that we absolutely love and we visit them a lot. They are our Golden Family :) M is the mom and she is pregnant, and then there is M. her husband and they have a 16 year old named D. a 14 year old named M. and a two year old named M.. They were all at church last week and have been reading the Book of Mormon, but yesterday only M. came to church and they have some struggles that they are trying to work through. So we are hoping and praying for them that they will continue to progress. We love them so much. And they love us two :) They are always so excited to see us and they let us in at any time of day and always give us food :) haha.


Oh. I don´t think I´ve told you much about my companion! Hermana Shriver is from Highland and she went to Lone Peak. We get along really well and have way too much fun together. Her mom asked her in her email today for your phone number mom, so I bet she will be calling you sometime this week :) I will try to send some pictures!


Ok. Answers to questions: It is highly possible that ¨The House of the Lord¨ book is in my stuff. If it is it is in the clear plastic crate with the orange lid. About going to the temple, Ky, it’s so amazing! You will love it. But, you probably won’t understand or know what’s going on the first time. Don´t worry. Just relax and focus on feeling the spirit. And, go back as soon as you can. I was really grateful to have what was going to happen explained to me before I went in and it helped a lot, so Mom, maybe just walk her through it a little bit? 

I haven´t received any more letters, but it is possible that they are sitting at the mission office and they just haven´t been picked up by the zone leaders. It takes a while for us to get mail here :P Also, packages have been getting to everyone here just fine. If you wanted to send a package for Christmas, I wouldn´t mind :) 


Thank you for all your love and support! I love and miss you all. I hope you all have a wonderful week!


Con mucho amor,


Hermana Shelton


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