Monday, September 16, 2013

A greenie no more...

                                                                                               September 16, 2013

A greenie no more…


Guess what?! I was transferred last week! But the best part about it was....I only had to move beds and desk space ;) Haha.


I was transferred over into Barrio Independencia, the other ward in our zone with Hermanas. And since we are living in the same house right now, it wasn´t that big of a change. :) The big change though was that the two latina Hermanas that were in that ward were transferred out of the zone and now I am in a companionship with Hermana Shriver, another Norteamericano. and.....we aren´t in a trio anymore, and....Hermana Shriver has exactly 10 weeks in the field and I have 6. So to sum up my new situation, We are two brand new Gringas with limited Spanish skills, and we are training ourselves. Yeah. Oh! And my new area includes a bunch of the hills and really poor areas of Independencia. Remember that picture I sent of me up in the hills? Yup, that was taken in my new area! So. If right about now you are thinking, ¨What in the heck was Presidente Erickson thinking?!¨ join the club. Cause that was our reaction too :)


Haha, but no. We are actually really excited and it has been really good! We have been amazed at how much we actually know when we are the only ones there to do it. We were really really worried about the Spanish at first, but I am here to testify about the gift of tongues, because it is real. When we are sitting down with our investigators teaching a lesson or talking to the members we have been able to understand everything that is being said. And when we speak back our Spanish is fluid and I say things that I didn't know I knew how to say. We were talking last night and both agreed that we don´t feel like the language is one of our difficulties. Which is a miracle.


Needless to say we have definitely had other difficulties and it has been really hard, but we are both ready to work hard and learn a lot. We get along SO well, and have the same goals and ideas in mind which allows us to work together really well tambien. (also) And, we have a blast together so that adds to our companionship as well :)


We have felt Heavenly Fathers help so much this past week. And we talked and agreed that we need a whole lot of blessings right now if we are going to accomplish anything. So we are trying our hardest to be obedient and listen to the spirit and rely on Heavenly Father. 


I will have to tell you more about our Investigators next week, but I wanted to let you know that we had a miracle in both companionships of Hermanas yesterday. We have been praying so hard to have our investigators come to church (In my old area and in my new one) and yesterday The Hermanas of Violetas had 7 investigators (I  think of them as mine still, it’s weird adjusting to a new area when my old one is so close) and Hna. Shriver and I had....7 investigators at church as well! What?! After weeks of zero or maybe one or two that attended, yesterday was a miracle. Between the two companionships we had four families in church. Ahh! Thank you for all yours prayers! I know they are helping. We are so excited to continue working with them and hopefully have baptisms in the upcoming month. 


Kylee! I am so excited to hear about your mission call! That’s perfect for you. How are you feeling? Let me know if you have any questions and I will try to come up with a list of advice to send you as well :)


Hey mom, will you let Holly know that I got both her letters? I got the one she sent the day I entered the CCM and I also got the one with the program from Abby’s baptism with the note she wrote about it. Haha, I opened the one with the Baptismal program when I was at our weekly zone meeting and as soon as I realized what it was I started crying and it freaked all the Elders out. They didn´t quite know what to do with a crying Hermana. It was kind of funny. :) They kept asking me, ¨are these happy tears or sad tears?¨ I assured them they were happy tears :)


Chispas. It’s time to go. Elder Gneiting, one of my zone leaders just came over and told me to get off the computer. (Chispas is the Peruvian way to say, ¨darn it!¨) 


Thank you for your email and spiritual thought Dad! I like that a lot. Once again I am sure I am leaving so much out but I always have next week.


I love you all!!!!!!!!!


Con mucho amor,


Hermana Shelton

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